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Kobo Plus Audiobooks

Problem Kobo Plus subscription product has an overall high-level conversion and low churn rate because of the advantage of unlimited reading per month. But when it came to specific platforms such as…

Product Strategy Kobo Audiobooks

KOBO AUDIOBOOKS EXPERIENCE CHALLENGE Since the introduction of the audiobook subscription service, there has been a notable decrease in user engagement, leading to a substantial churn rate within six months of subscription…

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The object of the ceremony was clear to me; in another moment Dejah Thoris would be joined forever to the Prince of Zodanga. It was an impressive and beautiful ceremony, I presume, but to me it seemed the most fiendish sight I had ever witnessed, and as the ornaments were adjusted upon her beautiful figure and her collar of gold swung open in the hands of Than Kosis.

Else Mirage EP

Whale was seized and sold, and his Grace the Duke of Wellington received the money. Thinking that viewed in some particular lights, the case might by a bare possibility in some small degree.