Kobo Plus Audiobooks

Launch a new subscription

Client: Rakuten Kobo
Date: February 2017
Services: Product Design


Kobo Plus subscription product has an overall high-level conversion and low churn rate because of the advantage of unlimited reading per month. But when it came to specific platforms such as apps, there is considerate amount of drop-off in the trial period of the subscription.


I decided to start the project by looking at the user journey from Kobo apps (iOS & Android) to sign up for the subscription and finding a book to read.

After identifying all the opportunities in the experience, I facilitated a second workshop to prioritize top product KPI to target and identify solutions that could have an impact. Using opportunity tree methodology, we establish increasing Kobo Plus product in the apps and measure the trial conversion as the primary focus and trial-to-paid as the secondary measurement.



We tested the app by introducing Kobo Plus as tab in iOS for non-subscribers and as part of the first-time experience, displaying a dialog to introduce the product with value-propositions and a path for conversion for Android app users.


Before the launch, we had 1,412 paid subscribers for both (Android and iOS). With the new changes the paid subscribers have reached 2,830 within the 6-month time period.