Product Strategy Kobo Audiobooks

Discovery Research

Client: Rakuten Kobo
Date: March 2019
Services: User Research



Since the introduction of the audiobook subscription service, there has been a notable decrease in user engagement, leading to a substantial churn rate within six months of subscription sign-up.


To gain a deeper understanding of the issue, we initiated an extensive research effort to comprehend user needs and their journey within Kobo. This involved tracing their awareness of the product, subscription initiation, and the initial audiobook experience.

We commenced with a cognitive walkthrough research utilizing the HotJar tool to analyze the user flow and pinpoint major drop-off points. Subsequently, I conducted multiple journey mapping workshops with cross-functional teams, employing the rose/bud/thorn methodology to identify key areas for improvement.


By involving the right stakeholders throughout this comprehensive process, everyone gained valuable insights to inform roadmap planning sessions. This exercise equipped the team with the necessary knowledge to address the identified challenges and enhance the overall user experience.