AskingCanadians Mobile App

With growing number of panelists responding to surveys on their mobile devices, there was a business opportunity to build a mobile app. Providing users a more convenient way to answer surveys and grow top-level revenue using geo-fencing and ibeacons technology.

Following the brand of AskingCanadians, the vision of the app is to act as an aggregator for users to do surveys on-the-go, and manage their profile information right in the app.

I started by conducting a competitive landscape by collaborating with the industry experts. This exercise helped us build story mapping for the mobile app.

I created a user flow for user’s first time experience and returning users that builds encourages engagement and build active daily and monthly users.

As part of the launch plan, we beta tested the app with high value panelists to get first impressions and get feedback on the experience of the app.

We launched the app to select 200-300 panelists (with 50/50 split between Android and iOS) for two weeks, followed by an in-depth feedback survey.

97% of the respondents have successfully gone through the experience completing their first survey and provided a solid feedback that build a release roadmap to improve the app for a full launch.

Client: AskingCanadians
Date: 2017
Services: Mobile App, UX Design, Interaction Design