Greenshield, a B2B Group Insurance provider required a new platform to support strategy to engage directly with niche consumers who are self-employed, small-business owners and retirees without health benefits.

Based on research, I created concepts with a web app style design in a traditional website leading users through a seamless path of purchase as they explore plans and recommendations.

Won 2016 Gold Stevie Award in the Insurance Category at the International Business Awards.


HBM+, health care technology provider with limited web presence required a solution to market their technology services targeting C-suite buyers in the healthcare industry.

Considering target market’s attributes, the solution was creating responsive web interface with motion design.


Financial services organization, Foresters transitioned business from in-person to digital-first approach and needed a holistic platform to connect potential clients with advisors and generate qualified leads across US, Canada and UK.

Utilized triaging, the site to leads users to key products offered in their respective countries and encouraging to contact advisors. Built on a CMS platform, I created a system with each template designed to be adaptable and scalable to the content across all the operating countries.