AskingCanadians Mobile App

Following the brand standards of AskingCanadians, the vision of the app is to act as an aggregator for the user to do surveys on-the-go utilizing Geo-fencing, and manage their profile information right in the app.

Considering the new pathway for the users, we launched the app through beta testing it with select 200 panelists for two week, followed by an in-depth feedback survey.

97% of the respondents have successfully gone through the experience and provided a solid feature release roadmap to improve app for a full launch.

Iconography –

As part of corporate redesign, one of the key requirements was to design a modern visual experience that clearly sets GSC apart from a traditional insurance organizations.

Representing the corporate strength and keeping with the aesthetics, the approach was to create a flat solid iconography combined with an interesting long-shadow and animation to draw user’s attention to the GSC story, while user navigates through the site.

Since launching over a year ago, the website has successfully served 3 million+ visitors.


HBM+, health care technology provider with limited web presence required a solution to market their technology services targeting C-suite buyers in the healthcare industry.

Considering target market’s attributes, the solution was creating responsive web interface with motion design.