Genius Marketing: Ikea Photog Turns Kitchenware Into Art

Carl Kleiner, the photographer behind Ikea’s stunning debut baking book, is up with a new promo series for the Swedish furniture giant. This time, he has turned his lens on kitchenware.

Not the world’s most exciting subject, mind you, but if anyone can sex up butter knives and tea infusers, it’s Kleiner.

In Homemade Is Best, he worked with stylist Evelina Bratell to arrange baking supplies into spectacularly precise, borderline obsessive, geometric compositions. That style is reprised here, with a few tweaks. “The approach of the project was a continuation of the aesthetics from the cookbook,” Kleiner tells Co.Design. “But the objects we used this time were not organic-like ingredients so we worked more with repetition and stacks to make more with the shapes of the products.”

We know Kleiner and Bratell are good, but we’re still amazed that they’ve managed to make crappy Ikea bowls look like they belong in an art gallery. Even more amazing: For the first time ever we find ourselves wanting crappy Ikea bowls. Which, of course, was the point.

[via Fast Co.Design]

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